My Paint Parties Come to You!

If you look hard enough, you can find a masterpiece anywhere. This is something I’ve learned after working for nearly a decade with maximum security inmates. I taught art therapy and studio art classes to hundreds of inmates.  Inside each and every student behind those bars was the beating heart of an artist.  All it took was someone to look for it, find it, encourage it and show it to the world!

Now I want to break out of the bars myself and help everyone find their inner artist. Art is therapy.  It’s how we grow, overcome, and nurture the most important and deep parts of ourselves.  I know this not only because I’m an art therapist but because I’m an artist myself.  Creating art forces us to live in the moment and leave the stress of the world behind.

You have that masterpiece inside you, whether you have never held a brush before or went to art school. And while we are at it, let’s make a party of it just you, your friends, a few drinks and your art!  You’ll be in good hands- I have a Masters degree in art and studio art education and I’ll provide all the materials you could possibly need.

The best thing about children is their limitless creativity!  I love teaching kids how to paint.  My parties for children are a dream come true for you.  I do all the work and provide the materials and you can relax while your guests paint away an afternoon.

Let me help you break out of your own bars and show your creativity to the world!